This week we kick things off with a local story about a man from Perry, Michigan, who re-created the MK-1 Integrated Moon Suit just for funsies. Then we bring it back to the mysterious by diving into the origin story of the infamous Rhinelander Hodag – one of the Midwests most popular cryptids! Plug your nose, and hug your white bulldogs tight – this is a fun one!

City Pulse article on Dave Busch:
Resources:, Wausau Daily Herald, Hodag Press

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  1. Re: the moonsuit of perry

    That guy is a nut!

    #3 (the guy who made it)
    Thank you for the mad appreciation of my astro- baby. For obvious reasons I have avoided the limelight. But you never know. You don’t make a moon suit like this if you don’t want to be noticed. So…I might just possibly make some sort of wacky appearance somewhere unexpected in the Fall. But I make no promises!

    Over and out!

    • DB#3 –

      So honored you found our little mention! Your astro-suit is the honestly one of the coolest things we’ve ever heard of. We need more people making their passions come to life like you!

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