We’re just two bizarre babes learning about the strange and unusual happenings of the Midwest and beyond. While drinking. And eating snacks.

Are you a Midwesterner with a particular affinity for the strange and unusual? You’ve come to the right place.

Join co-hosts Sara & Danielle as they take an (extremely) unfiltered look into the paranormal, cryptids, legends and folklore, true crime, curious events and sub-cultures, abandoned oddities, and more – all here in the heartland.

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CONTENT WARNING: Our podcast not only discusses content that some listeners may find disturbing, but we also swear like sailors. If you are triggered by crime scene descriptions, paranormal activity, or unsavory language, this may not be the podcast for you.

Meet Your Hosts


Sign: Leo
Drinking: Any Kind of Mule, a local brew, or some whiskey
Watching: Brooklyn 99 for the 1,000,000th time
Listening: Just finished binging The Butterfly Effect by Jon Ronson

Born and bred in the mitten state, Sara is a Professional Learning Coordinator by day, and an Illustrator/Hand Letterer/Podcaster by night. When she’s not consuming media of all types at noteworthy speeds, you can find her at home enjoying the company of her two dogs – Ollie and Reid, two cats – Scribbles and Cosmo, and husband Jerrod. The main thing is, she’s definitely at home, and she’s likely not wearing pants.


Sign: Gemini
Drinking: Probably a sour beer, or if I’m feeling wild straight whiskey
Watching: Parks & Rec for the 100th time, or I’m currently working my way through King of the Hill. I tell you hwat.
Listening: Re-listening to Last Podcast on the Left, and slowly working my way through The Moth

Danielle works in the land of cubicles where she absorbs all the true crime podcasts she can handle. When not at work she’s at the gym lifting heavy things to become her scariest self, or at home with her husband Jacen sitting on the couch covered in all the cats, and her one dog named Quinn ( who is basically a cat according to Ron Swanson).